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Welcome to Oklahoma!

With breathtaking scenery, American charm and friendly, hospitable neighbors, Oklahoma is the best destination for your family. This state is melting pot of Western adventures, diverse outdoor experiences and historic wonders.

Located in the southern Great Plains region, the terrain is mostly flat plains scattered with hilly areas in the southwest and south-central areas of the state. Six percent of the state’s 10 million acres of forest is public land with 50 state parks, six national parks and a network of wildlife preserves.

Summers in Oklahoma are long and usually quite hot with warm, moist air moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico. Winters are shorter and less rigorous with periods of extreme cold air being very rare. Agriculture and natural resource development are important to Oklahoma’s economy. The livestock industry is huge in all parts of the state. Though oil and gas production have declined somewhat in importance, Oklahoma City and Tulsa were once considered to among the great natural gas and petroleum centers of the world.

Come to Oklahoma and relax in the beautiful surroundings – lakes, mountains, sand dunes, and forests – experience the natural allure that the state has to offer while you live and breathe that old-time American life.

Major cities in Oklahoma include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Lawton, Broken Arrow, and Edmond.