How to buy your dream home

Here’s some ideas on how to buy your dream home without hassles

BDream Home Imageesides the initial cost of the home itself, there are often other overlooked factors. Find out the local tax rates, the cost of flood insurance if you are near water, check with the neighbors about utility costs, and don’t forget to ask about any homeowner association dues.

Speaking of your neighbors, the time to meet them is ‘before’ you purchase, not after. Tell them you are thinking about moving into the area and ask if there are any problems, such as crime, barking dogs, wild parties, unsafe conditions or issues with the house that they know of. Be friendly and get to know them. Ask if they are ok with children and dogs if you have them.

But do not become too close to your agent. Most agents are friendly and professional, but others might try to become a little too personal so that you will feel guilty if you don’t buy or if you are making the agent show too many homes. The good agents understand their job and want you to be totally satisfied so that you will refer your friends and family to them.

Utilize the Internet to check out blogs, forums and other information if you are not familiar with the area you are investigating. You will find a lot more outspoken discussion there then you might while talking to a resident that you don’t know.

Even though you’ll be getting an inspection, do a thorough job of inspection yourself. Make a detailed list on anything you have a question about and don’t hesitate to insist on an answer.