Florida real estate available

Welcome to Florida!

Florida is mostly situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It has the longest coastline in the United States encompassing over 1350 miles. Known as the Sunshine State, the climate varies statewide but is mostly tropical. Due to the great weather and the abundance of outdoor activities, Florida is one of the most sought after states for all ages and interests.

The sun, surf and water along with the multitude of tourist attractions makes Florida one of the top family vacation destinations in the world today. Beyond Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Sea World, Florida has a multitude of resources that continually draw new people to their state. Tourists and winter residents with second homes in Florida contribute billions of dollars annually to its economy. The favorable climate has allowed central and southern Florida to remain a major agricultural area in the U.S. Whether you are looking for a state to get away from it all or to settle down in, Florida has a myriad of resources to meet your needs.

Major cities in Florida include Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, and Hialeah.