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Welcome to California!

Located on the west coast, California, known as the Golden State, consists of a geographical terrain that includes beautiful sandy beaches, majestic mountain ranges, towering forests and desert land. Although it is the third largest state in the U.S., it is by far the most populous. The state began its growth during the California Gold Rush back in the 1800s and has been steadily growing with Los Angeles becoming the center of the entertainment industry and the state growing into one of the largest tourism areas in the country. California wineries account for more than ninety percent of all wine produced in the U.S. while being the fifth largest supplier of perishable fruits and vegetables.

Due to the diverse geographic ranges, the climate varies greatly from one side of the state to the next. It includes the Mountain Climate throughout the vast mountain ranges which includes heavy snow in the winter and mild heat in the summer, Mediterranean Climate along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean which brings cool, rainy winters and dry summers while the Death Valley, a desert relatively below sea level is one of the hottest locations in the U.S.

With the beautiful weather, the on-going economic growth and the epic adventures that await you, California seems to be one of the best choices for adventure-loving families to settle in. It is said that you can choose a new destination in California every day of your life and never run out of interesting, adventurous places to experience.

Other major cities in California include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Fresno.