Alaska real estate available

Welcome to Alaska!

Alaska is a great place to venture to for those seeking gorgeous terrains and warm, welcoming people. This state is known for its extraordinary scenery. It is the largest state in the US and holds the longest coastline of any state. Half of its residents have resided in a South Central region containing Anchorage, a city full of economic opportunities and fun recreational activities. Much of Alaska is uninhabited wilderness and oil reserves, making it a very unique place to own a home.

Alaska holds over three million beautiful lakes surrounded by mountainous areas. Considering the northern location of this state, the temperatures will remain fairly moderate due to its expansive coastline. Temperature varies greatly with the seasons and the area in which you choose to reside in. Some areas can even become as warm as 90 degrees during the summer.

Economic opportunities are booming, resulting in a per capita income that ranks 15th in the nation. Employment is centered mainly on government and industries such as shipping and transportation. The oil business is huge in Alaska; it accounts for one fifth of domestically produced US oil production. Alaska is a beautifully unique state that will provide homebuyers with opportunities not found in any other area.

Major cities in Alaska include Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka.