Alabama real estate available

Welcome to Alabama!

Alabama is a state of great variety in geography. North Alabama is has a mountainous terrain cut by the Tennessee river branching into many beautifully crafted streams and creeks. The southern area consists of plains surrounding the largest river in America, the Mississippi River. It is not surprising that this state holds the second largest inland water system in the US.

Being a southern state, the climate is going to be warm in the summers, perfect for spending your days out in one of Alabama’s many lakes. Winters are mild and comfortable. This state receives a substantial amount of rainfall keeping the plains beautiful and the crops plentiful.

Alabama has grown economically due to their wide variety investments in industries such as aerospace, education, health care, education and much more. Its growth is primarily due to a boom in the automotive manufacturing industry creating over 67,000 jobs in the last decade.

With the combination of mountainous terrains, rolling plains and vibrant coastal areas, Alabama is a wonderful place to buy a home. Major cities in Alabama include Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and Hoover.