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Welcome to Virginia!  

Virginia is a state full of historical sites, amazing creations of nature and beautiful ocean-view resorts.  The mountains, mineral springs, coastal regions and the elegance of the hilltops and river bluffs draw millions of visitors annually.

Five distinct climate regions of Virginia allow for a wide range of outdoor activities, such as snow-skiing in the mountains and year-round water sports in the coastal regions.  Due to the abundant water along the East Coast with the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, summers tend to be quite hot and “sticky” while the northern Blue Ridge region can produce bitterly cold temperatures.  The weather has been described as a “Goldilocks Climate” – not to hot and not to cold.

Agriculture remains an important part of the state’s income with tobacco, being the leading crop, poultry, dairy goods, cattle and coastal fisheries.  One of the largest concentrations of computer communications firms in the U.S. are now located in the northern sections of Virginia while tourism and the manufacturing of food and textile are big contributors.

For a sense of adventure, for an abundance of American History, for the love of the outdoors, come to the great state of Virginia and discover our spectacular mountains and gorges, big and small beaches from the Virginia Beach oceanfront to the warm sands of the Eastern Shore, amazing historical sites, vibrant cities and tremendous recreational opportunities.

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Other major cities in Virginia include Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Richmond, and Newport News. Just enter the information for the city of your choice in the search box at the top.

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