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Welcome to South Dakota!  

Known as the land of infinite variety, South Dakota offers national parks, historic monuments and a wide variety of landscapes.  The Black Hills, an oasis of pine-clad mountains on the Great Plains are the highest mountains east of the Rockies.  Mt. Rushmore, the “Shrine to Democracy” is an awesome creation of the granite faces of four American Presidents towering 5,500 feet above sea level.  A memorial to Crazy Horse is also being carved in granite near Custer.  South Dakota will present you and your family with an everyday experience of wilderness, wildlife and waterways.

The service industry of retail, health and finance is one of the state’s largest economic contributors.  In the rural areas, agriculture is very important.  Tourism and gambling, especially at Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills sites, are also huge sources of income in South Dakota.  Let’s not forget that within the Black Hills, you will find the country’s leading gold mining center.

Due to its proximity to Canada to the north and its rocky land masses and sweeping plains, South Dakota’s climate includes four distinct seasons, ranging from extremely cold, dry winters to hot and semi-humid summers.  Because of its varying landscapes, you can travel to different regions of the state and experience different weather conditions.

Ranked #1 in “Business Friendliness”, South Dakota is an ideal place for business opportunities.  Come be a part of the American journey and take your business to the next level while experiencing the State’s serenity, wide-opened spaces and awe-inspiring beauty.

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Other major cities in South Dakota include Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, and Mitchell. Just enter the information for the city of your choice in the search box at the top.

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