South Carolina real estate available

Welcome to South Carolina!

South Carolina consists of four geographic regions: The Coast, Heartlands, Foothills and Mountains. The state is host to wildlife refuges, the first national seashore, lighthouses, and National Historic Sites. The Blue Ridge Foothills present deep, shadowy valleys along with cool, flowing rivers, hiking trails and trout-filled brooks. Myrtle Beach is known as one of the most “family-friendly” destinations in South Carolina. And of course, the Mountains will provide you with panoramic view of the awesome countryside.

The state’s position on the eastern coast provides for cooling sea breezes during the summer. The flow of warm air produces the most ideal four-season climate in the entire United States. The Appalachian Mountains help to screen out cold air during the winter months allowing for short mild winters.

Travel and tourism account for over six percent of all jobs in the state. Agricultural products are also important to its economy, especially tobacco, which accounts for nearly a quarter of all income from crops. South Carolina’s economy is not dependent on any one sector. Trade, services, manufacturing and government jobs are all big contributors.

South Carolina, a stunning region filled with cool lakes and fast-moving rivers, allows you the flexibility of living a couple of hours away from the mountains or the ocean. With lush landscape, cool climate and numerous business opportunities, you will be glad that you made South Carolina your home.

Major cities in South Carolina include Charleston, Rock Hill, Mount Pleasant, Greenville, and Spartanburg.