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Ohio, located in the Midwestern United States, features glaciated plains, a pleasant rolling countryside with rugged hills in the Southeast and 312 miles of coastline along Lake Erie.   The glacier ground limestone has enriched the soil throughout history to allow for extensive farmland, which is a huge contributor to the state’s income.  Ranking third in manufacturing employment nationwide, Ohio is also one of the nation's industrial leaders.   The state’s extensive manufacturing centers along with tourism have been valuable to its overall economy.

Summers in Ohio are typically hot and humid throughout the state, while winters generally range from cool to cold. Precipitation in Ohio is moderate year-round.

With New England-like villages that scatter the countryside, resorts along the Lake Erie shore, fern filled caverns and shelf caves to explore in the Hocking Hills; Ohio has so much to offer and would be the perfect “land of opportunity” for you and your family.

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Other major cities in Ohio include Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, and Dayton. Just enter the information for the city of your choice in the search box at the top.

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