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Arkansas is a beautiful state that has a very unique geography. The state can be split into two halves, the highlands of the north and the lowlands of the south. Northern Arkansas consists of mountain ranges such as the beautiful nationally recognized Ozarks. The lowlands include rolling plains that are filled with many lakes and rivers. Fifty six percent of this state is covered in forest, making it a gorgeous setting for a home surrounded in rising oaks and pines.

Temperature in the summer generally ranges between a comfortable 70 to 90 degrees. Arkansas is placed in an area not high enough to produce harsh winters but not low enough to experience scolding summers. Snowfall is common in the northern mountainous areas. Concentration on agricultural industries has saved Arkansas from the worst of the economic downfall in the US. Several global company headquarters are located in Arkansas, boosting its economy and creating jobs in all fields.

A home in Arkansas will offer you comfortable living in an area that is stable and economically secure.

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Homes for Sale - Zillow

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Other major cities in Arkansas include Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Jonesboro, and Pine Bluff. Just enter the information for the city of your choice in the search box at the top.

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